Live Sports Betting on Online Bookmakers

Live Sports Betting
February 20, 2023

Live sports betting has become predominant since online betting sites took center stage in the industry. Live bets give you a higher degree of control when placing your bets than you will get from your normal pre-match bet. Hence, once the match commences, all the power is in your hands.

The odds are constantly changing depending on what is going on in the game, and everything is done in sync with the live match. Furthermore, there are in-game statistics attached, giving you a detailed analysis of the match to aid your bet. Most seasoned bettors are known to frequently partake in live betting due to how easily you can place bets. 

Sporting Events in the Live Bets Section of Online Betting Sites.

Sporting Events

Many bookmakers provide live betting for all the major competitions on their platforms. Once you create an account with a bookie that offers live sports betting and input your login details, you will find a live betting section with many daily live events. Your favorite sports are usually the most common in the section because they attract much bettors.


Football is the main anchor in live sports betting; the fact that it is difficult to predict, makes it the best option for live betting. Also, it has the highest number of games being played on a global basis daily. Therefore, anytime you make use of your Ivibet login, you will always find in-play games ready for you to stake on. However, it is vital that you work with the available statistics, knowing which direction the game is flowing. 

Furthermore, due to the different number of events that can happen during the game, there are multiple permutations you can choose. Although, as the game progresses, they may become unavailable. Live markets like who to score the next goal or get the next corner kick are predominant in football live betting. 



Basketball’s high scoring nature makes it the ideal sport for live betting. It is usually a non-stop high intensity game making it very profitable for bettors. Therefore, as the game progresses, more options are being made available which you can choose from. 

You can bet on live betting markets like; which team would win a particular set, the player with the highest points, and the winner at the end of the day.


The markets are quite similar to that of basketball, as they are both a game of sets. However, it does have a limited number of live events. The benefit of live betting on tennis is that the matches are usually long. Hence, it gives you the perfect opportunity to rack up your profits. In addition, since it is an individual sport, you need to consider the players condition when live betting. Conditions like fatigue can affect a player irrespective of their expertise.

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